Health & Wellness with an HIV focus

OPT-In is a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded collaboration between Alder Health Services, Hamilton Health Center, Pinnacle Health, and Penn State Health.

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STI testing is part of a responsible and healthy lifestyle. Don’t stigmatize, just get tested.

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HIV Positive? Find Care.

Finding out about a positive status is a huge change in someone’s life. Maybe it’s in your life. Knowing your status is a huge step towards managing your care. From there, it’s time to seek out the right medical care. Find a doctor, get linked to care, and stay adherent to medications.

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HIV Life Expectancy Rates Have Varied Factors

Life expectancy of HIV positive individuals is one of the driving factors behind OPT-In For Life. Dr. John Zurlo at Penn State said, “People with HIV don’t have to die anymore. They can live deep, rich, and fulfilling lives.”, and…

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Five benefits of running

 |  Category:

Running isn’t the same as your weight lifting, or yoga, or even an at home workout DVD session. Keep that up and don’t give up on it, but consider adding an actual running regimen into your workouts. Running is an essential…

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Obesity - woman on a scales

Obesity on the rise among women in America

Here is another reason why diet and exercise are important to everyone, especially the women of our community. Researchers are perplexed about data showing that obesity among women in America happens at a faster rate than men. There is no explanation…

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walk for health benefits

Take a walk and feel the benefits

Exercise doesn’t always have to be some long and drawn out process, nor does it require costly gym memberships, workout clothes, or protein shakes. Something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood can provide health benefits. Research has shown…

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