It’s time to flavor up the breakfast with more than just a bowl of cereal in the morning. A little food prep the night before in terms of slicing and dicing some vegetables might be necessary, but these recipes are sure to make your breakfast more filling, delicious, and nutritious.

Egg White and Avocado Burrito

Breakfast burrito
Image courtesy of avocadocentral.com

This recipe is actually quick and easy despite needing a couple veggies sliced in. The original author calls for hot sauce, but salsa could also be used. Avoid layering on piles of cheese. The avocado has enough fat in it; good fats, but enough for your morning. The well balanced blend of protein, vegetable, and carbohydrate energy will keep you energized through your morning and up to lunch.

Recipe from avocadoacentral.com


Muffin Tin Frittatas

Breakfast fritatas
Image courtesy of lindseymcclave.com

Here’s a way to cook your breakfast ahead of time for a couple days. Quick and easy it will take less than 45 minutes for even the most unskilled of kitchen users. After cooking them up, seal the leftover mini frittatas in a freezer bag and refrigerate. Quick and readily accessible protein packed breakfast. Go with egg whites only if cholesterol is a concern.

Recipe from Food Network


Home Made Parfait

Super quick and easy, the parfait is almost like having dessert for breakfast. Substitute in plain Greek Yogurt instead of a normal or vanilla flavored yogurt to get healthy levels of protein without all the sugars that come from flavored yogurt. The fruit sugars will jump start your day, while the protein from the yogurt and the carbs from the granola give you long lasting energy.

Recipe from Food Network


Overnight Oats

If time is the main factor in getting a healthy start to your day then Overnight Oats are the solution. Simply put it’s just oats that soak up whatever you put them in. The recipe here is quick and easy, but feel free to experiment. The beauty of overnight oats is you can create your own flavor combinations without sticking to a single recipe.

Recipe from katheats.com