What is OPT-In?

We are a health and wellness campaign originating out of South Central PA . We are a collaboration funded by HRSA that includes Alder Heath Services, Hamilton Health Center, Pinnacle Health, and Penn State Health at Hershey Medical Center. We focus on all the aspects of living a healthy life, but uniquely we maintain a focus of a resource for people affected by, and infected with, HIV.

cropped-site-icon.pngHIV became a publicly known health concern in the early 1980s. Since the development of Anti-Retroviral Therapy in the mid-1990s, HIV has fallen off the mainstream public health concerns. With HIV no longer being considered a death sentence and more of a chronic condition, the fear associated with risky sex behaviors has diminished.

Because of this, OPT-In was created as a resource to link those infected with or affected by HIV to care, but also to help all people living in the community maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is so much more to life than a person’s HIV status. Exercise, diet, and especially mental health can play such a crucial role in the overall health picture that to focus solely on HIV status hinders a better quality of life.

The goals of OPT-In

Our goal is two-fold. To keep people active, healthy, and engaged in their personal health; and to help stop the spread of HIV infection through education, linkage to care, and retention to care. Medical advances have made it possible for people living with HIV to live long, wonderful, and active lives. But doing that requires adherence to medication.

We hope to inspire and encourage positive thoughts and actions through social media, stories of everyday people, and informative resources. Be sure to follow us here on optinforlife.org and on your favorite social media channels.