Healthy foods to look for in Spring

With Spring upon us and rolling into summer soon there are some great healthy foods out there to be looking for. Leafy greens and in season fruits will make for a great summer salad. Mixing in some grain options like…

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holiday eating

Tips to keep holiday eating in check

The holiday eating spread at the dinner table is one of the most enjoyable moments of the holiday season. Anything made by Grandma will be consumed in massive quantities, especially when she says she made it just for you and…

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Smoking cessation is beneficial and possible

Previously OPT-In wrote about the recent study to come out of CROI 2016 that showed the gap in life expectancy between people with HIV positive status versus negative status is closing. While it is closing, it’s not equal. In that disparity…

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HIV Life Expectancy Rates Have Varied Factors

Life expectancy of HIV positive individuals is one of the driving factors behind OPT-In For Life. Dr. John Zurlo at Penn State said, “People with HIV don’t have to die anymore. They can live deep, rich, and fulfilling lives.”, and…

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Five benefits of running

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Running isn’t the same as your weight lifting, or yoga, or even an at home workout DVD session. Keep that up and don’t give up on it, but consider adding an actual running regimen into your workouts. Running is an essential…

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