Smoking cessation is beneficial and possible

Previously OPT-In wrote about the recent study to come out of CROI 2016 that showed the gap in life expectancy between people with HIV positive status versus negative status is closing. While it is closing, it’s not equal. In that disparity…

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HIV Life Expectancy Rates Have Varied Factors

Life expectancy of HIV positive individuals is one of the driving factors behind OPT-In For Life. Dr. John Zurlo at Penn State said, “People with HIV don’t have to die anymore. They can live deep, rich, and fulfilling lives.”, and…

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walk for health benefits

Take a walk and feel the benefits

Exercise doesn’t always have to be some long and drawn out process, nor does it require costly gym memberships, workout clothes, or protein shakes. Something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood can provide health benefits. Research has shown…

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