Between the early 80’s to the mid 90’s HIV was associated with a death sentence. Around 1995, with the arrival of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), the public became less and less concerned about HIV. To some it became a chronic condition that was managed through medication, for others it was something that people heard about, but never truly learned about.

OPT-In seeks to educate the public about what is HIV, how it is spread, and how people infected with HIV can lead wonderful, vibrant, and fulfilling lives, despite their disease. Reducing stigma surrounding HIV is just one step in the process of stopping the epidemic and achieving an HIV free generation.

There is much to be done before this goal can be accomplished. Education, prevention, acceptance, treatment, and more are all part of the process. OPT-In seeks to create a movement of awareness, acceptance, and determination to fight this disease.

Together we can achieve a goal of an HIV free generation. Together we can enable those among us infected and affected by HIV to live vibrant and wonderful lives. Together, we can OPT-In, for life.